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By Rosalind E. Krauss

In response to the 1999 Walter Neurath Memorial Lecture, this e-book makes use of the paintings of the Belgian artist Marcel Broodthaers to argue that the specifity of mediums, even modernist ones, can by no means be easily collapsed into the physicality in their aid.

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Through Botticelli the painter goes back in time all the way to the taste of the Dolce stil novo. THE ARTISTIC JOURNEY mm For an overall vision of Botticelli's production, wenave compiled a chronological FORTITUDE (1470) of his principal works ST AUGUSTINE IN HIS STUDY (1480) Q)mmissioned by the m^istrates of the Tribunale del- Botticelli was painted as part of a series of Virtues, already begun by the master, Piero del Pollaiolo in 1469. This was Botticelli's first public commission, which brou^t him to the attention of others beyond his small circle of friends.

It is not yet came to Milan, but it could have been to the artisfs clear how it a fi-om Charles VIII of gift France Duke to the lAMENTATION OVER THE DEAD CHRIST (c. 1495) The panel repeats the theme already treated a few (1482-83) This painting hung with The Allegory of Spring in the Medici villa at Castello. Once again, Politian's Le 41-64) provide the direct literary source. The moment shown is that in which Venus, just born from the seafoam, is trans- years earlier. This time the figures are united Stanze (I, to ported to the island of Cythera "on a shell," pro- Mary Magdalene, pelled by the winds Zephyrus to greet her is and Aura.

Caneva, Botticelli. Catalogo com- Florence G. Cornini, Botticelli, fSM M. Albertario, Botticelli, H. 2; National Gallery of Art. Gallery. 5. pleto, c. Catalogo comple- Nativity, Gallery. c. Botticelli, Milan los Reyes. The Mystic Lightbown, Sandro mavera, Milan Botticelli. 5x76; National Gallery of Art. IBIiyj E. Capretti, Botticelli, Florence Pri- ONE HUNDRED PAINTINGS: every one a masterpiece Also available: Raphael, Dali, Manet, Rubens, Leonardo, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Kandinsky, Renoir, Chagall %- •' ^ fOKtuMrAt^a ^^H&«.

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