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By J. Takakusu

An advent to I-tsing's (Yijing) checklist of the Buddhist faith as practised in India and the Malay Archipelago (A.D. 671-695)
The written files of his 25-year travels contributed to the worldknowledge of the traditional country of Srivijaya, in addition to supplying information regarding the opposite kingdoms mendacity at the course among China and the Nālandā Buddhist college in India.

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X x xv not myself intending to go home). Even if I asked to stop, there would have been no means of doing so. By this I see it is the influence of Karma that can fashion (our course), and it is not for us, men, to plan it. It was on the twentieth day of the seventh month in the first year of the Yung-ch'ang period (689) that we reached Kwang-fu. I met here again with all the priests and laymen . Then in the midst of the assembly in the temple of Chih-chih I sighed and said : ' I first went to the country of the \Vest with the hope of transmitting and spreading (the Law) 1 ; I came back and stayed in the island of the Southern Ocean.

P. 1 88. 5 Something like SrI-kuta-harit, or Srl-gupta-Mrita. , p. ' 7 Chu-f'an-shih, by Chao-ju-kua. It is a rather rare book, and I am obliged to Dr. Rosthorn of Vienna for lending it to me. Dr. Hirth is going to translate it (J. R. A. , Jan. 1 896). 2 xliii iVO TES OiV GE O GRA PHICA L iVA MES. to the south of Ch'uan-chou 1 ; the people put a colt011 clolh (sarongs) round their bodies, and use a silk parasol. They wage war on water as well as on land, and their military organisation is excellent.

Moreover, if my limbs were thus pierced by the points of their lances, I could never succeed in carrying out the original enterprise so long meditated. Besides, there was a rumour in the country of the \Vest ( India) that, when they took a white man, they killed him to offer a sacrifice to heaven (Devas). \Vhen I thought of this tale, my dismay grew twice as much. Thereupon I entered into a muddy hole, and besmeared all my body with mud. I covered myself with leaves, and supporting myself on a stick, I advanced slowly.

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