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Persepolis created the square plan and the large rectangular stone window and door frames, which thereafter became a basic element of all Western building. The Audience Hall, 250 feet square, was a lofty interior believed to have accommodated 10,000 people. As in Mesopotamia, huge guardian bulls were built into the entrance towers. Wooden columns on stone bases were plastered and painted and given many closely spaced flutes [p. 58, 111. 36]. 30 Plan of Persepolis. Dr. , Baltimore (1958) ///. Erich F.

Surface elaboration rather than structure, pattern more than form, fascinated 'he archaic sculptor, particularly of the Ionian style. The L'-open stare of the primitive eye is here narrowed and ie lower eyelid is differentiated from the upper. A bronze rod set into the back of the head held a wooden disk lifted above the head. This was a necessary protection against the for the painted figure dedicated to Athena must not be A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF WESTERN ART 60 defiled. oped Such female first figures are believed to have been develAsia Minor, in Ionia.

When floods and storms bring destruction, it must be due to the displeasure of the gods. To retain the benevolence of the gods, a well-stocked temple for the god his house was considered a wise investment. Art served the needs of religion in a practical way. Gods, the personified forces of nature, still required the same conveniences as man, but at a high level of subsis- — A tence befitting their divine status. statue of Gudea thus becomes a perpetual appeal to the god as well as a reminder of service rendered.

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