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By NA NA, Luigino Bruni

We needs to quick how to dwell good on this planet because it is this day, together with the area of labor. we have to study a brand new vocabulary of economics and markets that's improved to appreciate the current international and that's prone to provide us the instruments to behave, and maybe increase it to boot.

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1 Much modern social and political philosophy fits within the anti-social tradition, while ancient and medieval philosophers (including Thomas Aquinas) generally agreed with Aristotle. We might say that the greatest dilemma of modern political and economic theory has been the attempt to explain how cooperative outcomes can emerge from human beings who, because they are dominated by selfish interests, are not capable of intentional cooperation. Modern political philosophy has responded in many instances – though not all – with theories of the “social contract”: selfish but rational human beings understand that it is in their interest to create a civil society by an artificial social contract.

It is a pity though that when the face before one is not a “you,” which is the only actual face in any human environment, all that remains is a faceless and inhuman economy. Above all, though, we are producing an economy that does not see, and therefore does not understand, the goods that typically require categories other than those of non-tuistic logic, among them common goods, relational goods, the logic of plural actions, noninstrumental rationality, and much, much more. Non-tuism is still a pillar of economic science.

The desire alone for something that is owned by another is not a sin according to the tenth commandment. The Hebrew word hamad does not mean covet, but rather means plotting to obtain the coveted thing (and commit an evil deed). One should overcome evil thoughts and feelings as soon as they arise, so that one will not do evil deeds, speak false words, and make omissions. Envy incites a mechanism of mutual damage. Envious people take pleasure in praising their successful deeds (and omitting their misfortunes) to those who envy them.

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