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By Adele B. Lynn, Eileen Klockars (cover)

A set of actions excellent for skill-building on self-awareness and keep watch over, empathy, social expertness, own impression, mastery of imaginative and prescient and extra.

Emotional Intelligence explains why, regardless of equivalent highbrow means, education, or adventure, a few humans excel whereas others of an identical quality lag in the back of. definite abilities are chanced on many times in excessive performers in any respect degrees, from customer support representatives to CEOs. As running shoes we needs to locate how one can construct those abilities categorised EQ (emotional intelligence quotient). The 50 reproducible actions during this source ebook specialize in constructing the next set of abilities: self-awareness and keep watch over, empathy, social expertness, own impression, and mastery of imaginative and prescient.

Selected Contents Emotional Intelligence — what's It?

A Coach’s / Trainer’s consultant to aiding Leaders enhance EQ

How to take advantage of This consultant

Guide to the 50 EQ actions

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Visions follow to humans Too

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What did you learn that supported your own perceptions? B. What did you learn that surprised you? C. What would you like to change based on the information that you learned/relearned? D. What was your greatest insight? Why? 38 40 minutes Ask for Feedback Emotional Intelligence Exercise 5 In Practice — Actions speak louder than words. Therefore, as a leader, it's important to assess the messages you send to your employees. Sometimes the best way to know what your employees are thinking is to ask.

2. 2 minutes Objective “The purpose of this exercise is to help you identify your workplace culture through the metaphor of music. In music, a variety of moods and tempos abound. That’s also true in our workplaces. I’m sure you’ve walked into some meetings where it feels like Flight of the Bumble Bee and others where it feels like Take This Job and Shove it. Through music, we can assess our workplace and provide some insights into the culture that drives our department. ” 3. 50 minutes Give Directions A.

What music is your corporate band playing? What instrument do you play? Are you in tune? in rhythm? If you could change the tune of your workplace, what would you change it to? Reproduced from 50 Activities for Developing Emotional Intelligence by Adele B. Lynn, HRD Press: Amherst, MA: 2000. 800-822-2801. 58 EQ #9 Coming Through EQ Target ✔ ✔ Self-Awareness and Control Empathy Social Expertness Personal Influence Mastery of Vision Objectives • To help participants acknowledge their emotions in the workplace • To heighten awareness of the emotions that the leader has during the course of the workday • To help participants recognize that their emotions impact others in the workplace • To help participants recognize the appropriate time to express emotions in the workplace and the need for self-control regarding negative emotions Estimated Time 75 minutes Materials Emotional Intelligence Exercise #9 Uses • • Training workshops on leadership Private coaching sessions with all levels of leaders Risk/Difficulty High Coaching Tips for the Coach/Trainer Whether emotion should be displayed or kept in check in the workplace depends on many things.

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