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By Michael Bernard Beckwith

Numbers held nice value to the ancients, and the quantity forty is a continuing in numerous non secular traditions. With forty Day brain quick Soul banquet, you'll start your individual forty day transformational, mystical trip with a sensible, skilled advisor who has walked the terrain for 30 years as a practitioner and instructor of meditation, affirmative prayer, and the existence Visioning strategy.

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You become a glorious agent of transformation in your own life and in the lives of others. Today, continue to nourish your dreams. Hold fast to your vision and do something every day to bring it into manifestation. Everything is possible in God, because God is the Infinite Possibility within everything. Know that you are God’s beloved in whom God is well pleased. Never giving up on yourself is what it takes to be your own hero. AFFIRMATION Awake in the cosmic dream, I fashion my life according to Spirit’s perfect vision of me as its individualized expression.

Her union with God became so complete that she experienced a new incarnation right within this very lifetime. Divine law responded, and everything around her conformed to her birth in her true identity. She would have been free had she never left the confines of her prison cell, because she was already inwardly free. Many people give themselves life sentences served out in the prison of their own minds. They are prisoners of fear, jealousy, greed, lack, limitation, selfishness, and ignorance. Today, examine the ways in which you have imprisoned your consciousness.

The promises of God are real. They are as real, as solid, yes infinitely more solid than this table which the materialist so thoroughly believes in. If you would only believe, O ye of little faith. George Washington Carver HAVE FAITH IN FAITH When you have faith the size of a mustard seed and abandon yourself and all the details of your life to it, your greater yet-to-be bursts forth. You will meet it everywhere. It will press itself against you and multiply around you. You will hear the Spirit whispering inwardly to you about why you are here and what you have come to do, revealing the agreements in your Divine Contract.

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