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If +3 h means three hours after midday, then …… means three hours before midday. If +5 h means 5 hours after midday, then …… means 5 hours before midday. If –6 h means six hours before midday, then +6 h means six hours …… midday. qxd 14/03/06 14:29 Page 53 CHAPTER 3: NEGATIVE NUMBERS If +2 °C means two degrees above freezing point, then …… means two degrees below freezing point. If +8 °C means 8 °C above freezing point, then …… means 8 °C below freezing point. If –5 °C means five degrees below freezing point, then +5 °C means five degrees …… freezing point.

11 11 11 11 Describe any patterns that you notice. Work out the elevenths, Write each of these fractions as a decimal. Use your results to write the list in order of size, smallest first. 4 9 5 11 3 7 9 22 16 37 6 13 Write the following list of fractions in order of size, smallest first. qxd 13/03/06 14:17 Page 45 CHAPTER 2: FRACTIONS Convert each of these terminating decimals to a fraction. 218 75 Use a calculator to work out the reciprocal of each of the following. a 12 b 16 c 20 d 25 e 50 Write down the reciprocal of each of the following fractions.

The contents of a standard box of cereals weigh 720 g. A new larger box holds –41 more than the standard box. a Find –41 of 720 g. b How much do the contents of the new box of cereals weigh? The price of a new TV costing £360 is reduced by –31 in a sale. a Find –31 of £360. b How much does the TV cost in the sale? The price of a car in a showroom is given as £8000. Find the price of the car if a discount of –51 of the price is allowed. 9 Multiplying fractions In this section you will learn how to: ● multiply a fraction by a fraction What is 1 1 of ?

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