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By Chogyam Trungpa

This is often the transcript of talks given via Rinpoche on the first Seminary, a twelve-week education interval of extensive examine and meditation held at Jackson gap, Wyoming.

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There is the notion of Samaya. And also there is the notion of danger involved in relating with the teacher. The Hinayana approach to relating with the teacher is to inspire oneself about the positive qualities of the teacher and how much benefit one gets. But there is very little mention if one has developed doubt or disobeyed the subtleties of the command of the Dharma, the. order that was given. So there is definitely the tantric element involved even from the Hinayana level. The teacher is related as the embodiment of the teachings and therefore the teacher has the power to lead you into this spiritual path and present you with the highest transcendental experience of enlightenment.

It becomes an expression of the sense of wellbeing. In other words, basically if you feel irritated and tense, feeding irritation and tenseness further by doing something else does not help; not at all. Whereas just relating with irritation itself is an expression of that survival, for the very fact that you are capable of exp~riencing irritation. ver. The sense of well- being in this case is relating with the physical sensations and psychological tension as an expression of well- being. This is by no means a myth or hypothetical ideology.

To begin with, mindfulness of the body is that sense of being right there on your cushion, which is partly influenced by bodily sens·ation and partly influenced by audiovisual sensations and consciousness. At this point it is not so much meditating on anything particular at all, but just being with one's body fully and completely. As much as we can, we are right there, sitting there. And that kind of sense of being there is also a very penetrating experience. That sense of being transcends the ordinary level of self-'consciousness even.

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