Natural Gas and Vehicle Fuel
Natural Gas and Vehicle Fuel

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So recently at work I was approached for a “clean alternative

clean alternative
to gas power vehicles.”  I thought this will be good.  So the guys was selling me a propane conversion system for my fuel injected pickups that we use.  So I listened to his spill and din’t argue to terribly much. .  Could you believe they were going to charge around 12 grand for that conversion kit.  That is ridiculous….. no really ever loving ridiculous.

I eventually cut the conversation short only to tell the guy that he was not marketing a clean form of energy but his price was way to high.  There is no cost recovery…… people generally want to do the right thing for the environment but there don’t want to go bankrupt in the process.

Propane and natural gas are not “clean” They are better that traditional unleaded but only slightly with today’s emissions restrictions.  It is still a hydrocarbon based fuel.  There is very limited infrastructure.

What am i supposed to drive 150 miles and say nope I have to be back in 150 miles so that i can get gas.  That is not going to work for anybody.  There is a reason that the infrastructure has seen very limited development.

While i would love a cure all to vehicle based emissions. We are not there yet with propane and natural gas.  It drives me crazy the market plus these guys use.  If it was that good it would be taking off.  If the product is that goo it would sell itself.

Mass transportation and the environment

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Everyday on way to work, I see thousands of people driving there cars and just pumping out carbon in the air I breath.

People you are ruining the environment!!!

Take a bus or jump on a train…. save the environment.  I mean come on. We are all going to drown someday because you all want to drive your car by your self.

I make it a point to jump in with a buddy or carpool when I can.  Is that to much to ask from my fellow man?

This got me thinking about the limo industry.  Those folks have it going on.  Riding in a luxury limo that can hold hold 20 people.  Just think… How much could we all cut back if we all  had a limo to jump into?

Dude, those limos and sedans are awesome and many of them are even running on natural gas.   If we could all ride together and run on lower emission fuel, look at the difference we could make.  Not to mention cut down on traffic to.   Its got to be a win  win for everybody.

I know that everybody can’t afford a limo to ride to work but it sure would be nice.  While it may not be entirely feasible to all ride in limos but I am confident the theory is sound. Thats got to be the name of the game.  Streamline the stuff we are already doing to to reduce fuel and energy consumption. Nobody is ever going to cutdown on travel related environmental damage unless you make it appealing for them.  If you had the option of jumping in luxury limo, it might make it a heck of a lot easier to ride together.

I have seen some of those new hummer limos and those babies are nice!  it wouldn’t take much persuasion to ditch my honda to jump in with you for a ride to the airport in a limo.  Yeah, i could get into that lifestyle.  Jump out on the tarmac with a chauffeur opening the door for.  Oops, may have taken it little to far there.


Golden Gate Transit Hybrid bus on display behind model of Bridge


think we could probably started growing the polar ice cap in a year or two.  Well, maybe not but its a nice thought right?

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Welcome to my blog

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I will be blogging about the evils of the world and how we are destroying our environment but you should already know that.  Otherwise why are you here?